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​​​​​​Following is a list of the Sessions Proposed for DDD South West 7 so far:​​



Submission by Chris Skardon​, added 25 January 2017

Seperation of ​concerns in devops​​​

Tournr - A Tale of 3 Databases​

Becoming an awesome open source contributor - beginners mostly welcome​​​

Developer UI Testing made easy before you commit to source!

Designing a UI for Microservices

All your aggregates boundaries are wrong

Safe At Any Speed

12-Factor Apps in .NET

Packages as the first choice when deploying: how?

A year of SonarQube and TFS/VSTS: ten tips from the real world

Make Continuous Delivery work for middle management – it is not black magic!

Making your monoliths modular and maintainable using MediatR 3.0

Modernizing Legacy .NET Apps with Docker

Service Discovery with for the .NET developer

Transform Raw Data to Meaningful Information with Reporting Services​​

Learning to love HATEOAS​​

Real World REST and Hands-on Hypermedia

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Redux

XSS: Don't die of ignorance

HALT! Who goes there?

#FAIL - Lessons from infosec incidents

You keep using the word agile, I do not think it means what you think it means

Functional Programming in C#


Interesting Insights Into Ionic

Procedural town generation for an isometric game

Level up your logging with the ELK Stack and Serilog

Microservices with Azure Service Fabric

.NET Blub: The right tool for the job?

.NET Core in the real world

Giving Machines Perception - Tensorflow

Unload your silver bullets

The Secrets of MonoGame Trump wants banned

Fun with the Twitter Stream API - ELK Stack, RabbitMQ, Serilog and High Performance SQL

Docker For Beginners

Building a Continuous Delivery Pipeline for Windows Containers

Layers, Abstractions & Spaghetti Code: Revisiting the Onion Architecture

ASP.NET Core Razor Deep Dive

JavaScript Services: Building Single Page Applications with ASP.NET Core

Typescript for C# Developers