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​DDD South West 6 Sessions


Sponsors Track

Without the generosity of our sponsors it would not be possable to run an event like DDD South West 6.

This year we have decided to allow our sponsors to speak to you directly through our Sponsors Track. Although we would encourage you to visit our sponsors by either listening to their sessions or visiting them during the day this will be your choice.

Agile about Agile - Russell Forster

Native mobile cross-platform with Xamarin.Forms and C# - Peter Major


Following is a list of the Sessions Proposed for DDD South West 6:


Burnout - Richard Dalton

Omnisharp: .NET sans Microsoft - Mathew McLoughlin

Designing distributed, scalable and reliable systems using NServiceBus - Mauro Servienti (Download Slides)

Why Service Oriented Architecture? - Sean Farmar (Download Slides)

Docker Strangelove, or, How I Defenestrated ASP.NET - Mark Rendle (Download Slides)

Cloud, DevOps and Visual Studio 2015 - Matteo Emili

How to get the grip on Git, my experience - Matteo Emili (Download Slides)

Build your own Release Pipeline with PowerShell DSC - Matteo Emili

So you want to be a Tech Lead? 10 things you need to do to succeed - Joel Hammond-Turner

Logging and Monitoring - How to keep DevOps happy - Joel Hammond-Turner

JavaScript As a Functional Language - Andrew Chaa

Lifestyles of the rich and frameworkless - Pete Smith

The myth of the qualified developer and other related tales - Pete Smith

An introduction to MVC including the benefits and the design pattern - David Ringsell (Download Slides)

Monoliths to Microservices. A Journey - Sam Elamin 

What is the point of … Microsoft? - Liam Westley

‘Don't Make Me Feel Stupid’ – A. User - Liam Westley

Joining the Orleans Massif - Joel Hammond-Turner (Download Slides)

Building applications with Akka.Net - Anthony Brown (Download Slides)

Walk Through of a Recent European Space Agency Project in Predictive Analytics and Machine Vision - Gary Short

Everything you need to know about .NET memory - Ben Emmett

Micro-Benchmarking done wrong - Matt Warren

Introduction to CQRS and Event Sourcing - Ian Russell (Download Slides)

No Backend - Nathan Gloyn (Download Slides)

Shells - The original modular IDEs - Alexander C Rees

Performance is a Feature - Matt Warren

Little changes to make your app a lot faster - Matt Ellis

.NETCore Blimey! - Matt Ellis

30,000,000+ songs! Explore your favourite music with Spotify's JSON Web API, MVC5, Dapper and OAuth2 - Dave Mateer (Download Slides)

Windows 10 is coming - Matt Lacey

Success with Windows Apps - Matt Lacey

Analysing GitHub commits with R and Azure - Barbara Fusinska

ES6 - Using future JavaScript today - Phil Bottomley (Download Slides)

Time series data processing with Azure Stream Analytics - Anthony Brown

Taming the Bug Mountain - Ceri Shaw (Download Slides)

Join the Dark Side - Why Developers should choose Management - Ceri Shaw

Sky High Physical Computing - Martin Thornalley

Teaching Silicon New Tricks - Martin Thornalley

DDD dead simple with OrigoDB - Robert Friberg

The IMDB showdown - comparing OrigoDB, Redis ans Sql Server Hekaton - Robert Friberg

OrigoDB extreme async makeover - Robert Friberg

Introducing OrigoDB - Robert Friberg