Speaker Registration

Jan 21
Speaker Registration
If you would like to propose a session for the forthcoming DDD South West event planned in Bristol on Saturday, 6th May 2017 please complete the following form (DDDSW7 Speaker Registration.docx​​ ) and send it as an attachment to the speakers email address below.
You may submit more than one session.
At any stage after your submission you can withdraw your submission by contacting us at the same address.
All submissions must be recieved by 25th February 2017.
Sessions for DDD South West 7 will be selected primarily by public vote.  At the end of the public vote the committee will review the selected sessions to ensure they cover a wide spectrum of topics (we don’t want too many sessions covering the same topic) and to ensure the sessions will fit the available timetable (in case one speaker gets selected for multiple sessions).
You will be notified by email whether your submission has been accepted.
The DDD South West Team