Native mobile cross-platform with Xamarin.Forms and C# (Sponsors Track)

Mar 28
Native mobile cross-platform with Xamarin.Forms and C# (Sponsors Track)

Peter Major

Peter has been developing software since 1996, using technologies such as VB, Delphi, C#, Azure, AngularJS and, most recently, Xamarin.

He believes in challenging the use of entrenched tools as new tools arrive that promise increased productivity and value.

Peter currently builds cool stuff for JUST EAT with AWS and Xamarin.

Brief Overview

Use Xamarin and Xamarin Forms to build native, cross-platform mobile applications. That's right, I said native. And cross-platform!


Using Xamarin on a project can reduce time to market by writing shared code in C# once rather than Java and Objective-C for Android and iOS.
Until recently, when developing an application with Xamarin you still used native UI tools for each mobile OS on top of your shared C# code. For some types of applications, shared code is minimal and the UIs are the biggest part of the application.
Since the release of Xamarin Forms, shared UI code across platforms is now possible.

In this session we'll dive into how the technology works, and we'll review the types of applications and teams that might be good candidates for a Xamarin Forms project.